Healthiest Meal You Can Eat

What’s the Healthiest Meal You Can Eat?

I was thinking about what’s the healthiest meal you can eat a couple months ago. There are a lot of tricks to it. So, I decided to write a helpful post on What’s the healthiest meal you can eat?

when i was a kid i use to tell my mom” what’s for dessert?”  my mom said “no dessert until you

eat your broccoli ” I went “oh fine” There are a lot of foods you can eat in a meal but are they healthiest?

 Today I am talking about 20 foods with the most nutritional value and we all can buy them. So, let’s start


 looking for a new skincare routine you might want to spend less on expensive lotions and more on fish halibut. A popular white fish is an excellent source of selenium, a mineral with antioxidant properties that can help keep your skin looking great. It has the power to fight against inflammation and heart disease.

Halibut is also rich in protein and vitamins including B6. Which is said to Aid cognitive functions.

Remember they don’t call it “Fish brain food” for no reason. With just a bit of seasoning like salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice you can prepare a delicious halibut dinner that’s both light and filling.

before serving sprinkle a little extra of those chopped chives on top for a pop of green and then dig in. This halibut will be incredibly moist light and Flaky and oh so delicious.


you don’t have to be Dwight Schrute to appreciate beets. These root vegetables known for their purple complexion are Shock full of beneficial nutrients. Among the many vitamins and minerals contained in beets are potassium, magnesium and vitamin C. What’s more there are under 60


in a cup of beets so you can eat plenty without exceeding your daily caloric intake. If you don’t like beets I think it’s just because you haven’t tried a new recipe yet. Beets also promote good digestion with their fiber content and may help with both mental and athletic ability.

there are many ways to enjoy beets such as roasted for a salad in Juice form or simply eaten raw. when it comes to nutritious vegetables it’s hard to beat beets.

brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap for far too long. I can tell no food health benefits alone are enough reason to dine on these tiny relatives of cabbage. among the nutrients brussels

Sprouts provide fiber, protein and vitamins K, C and A. They’re also great for your immune system and there’s even research that suggests brussels sprouts could help fight against cancer by warding off carcinogens.

still skeptical about adding brussels sprouts to your next dinner? Crispy Crunchy salty on the

outside these are sure to turn anybody into a Brussels sprout lover. try roasting them in olive oil and adding them to a healthy pasta dish. You may be amazed by just how much you love them.

lean beef

If you’re trying to eat healthy you don’t want to load up on fast food hamburgers. like “give me 700 krusty”. However, there are other ways to enjoy beef without sacrificing nutritional value.

choose lean cuts of beef with minimal amounts of fat and cholesterol. Consult with your butcher for the best beef for your diet and remove any excess fat on the meat. With this extra fat gone you don’t have to worry about cholesterol and saturated fat.

This is a great dish. It feeds a lot of people very inexpensively and if you look it’s cooked to Perfection instead. You can enjoy nutritional benefits like iron, niacin and of course protein. Where’s the beef ?Hopefully in your fridge.

 Bell peppers 

not everyone can handle the spice content of jalapenos or Habaneros. but bell peppers can be enjoyed without pain.

 they’re also incredibly good for you, available in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, orange and green. These sweet peppers add crunch pleasing visuals and nutritional value to all kinds of meals.

 Among their biggest pluses is their vitamin C. A red bell pepper containing triple the amount of an orange they’re also teeming with potassium and numerous. Other vitamins also contain antioxidants known as carotenoids.

 which are suggested to promote Good Eye Health. stuff some bell peppers with lean ground beef and you’ll have a Surefire healthy dinner time hit. try them out. I recommend that you will thank me for sure it’s delicious.


remember a few years ago when it seemed like kale was everywhere. Well that’s one food Trend worth keeping this leafy vegetable a cousin of cabbage is regarded as a superfood due to its great nutritional content bright it’s fresh you get the fruity flavor from that olive oil and then the garlic salt and lemon just give it the perfect Kip with one cup of kale you get a great serving of potassium magnesium vitamins a B6 C and K and more kale also has plenty of antioxidants and may protect against although commonly associated with being green there’s also a purple variety that can add a great pop to any plate make a kale salad cook it on the stove with lemon and garlic or just throw some in your morning smoothie foreign we will always hail the power of kale


 fun fact almonds aren’t actually nuts they’re seeds another fun fact they’re one of the healthiest snacks available you need to grab a handful for a quick snack and they’re great to take with you since they don’t require any Refrigeration almonds can help you feel better on the inside and outside their high vitamin E content is suggested to help fight cancer and heart disease and their antioxidants can help reduce visible aging provided you leave the skin on you can also keep your bad cholesterol levels in check by eating almonds their versatility is another huge positive almonds can be enjoyed in a salad with cereal in almond milk or just as a midday snack they might not be nuts but we go nuts.


 regardless of how often you eat apples you should still see a doctor whenever necessary there’ll be plenty of apples for you nobody will take away your precious apple however these sweet and crisp fruits can still do wonders for your overall health they’re full of soluble fiber which can Aid with digestion and help to keep cholesterol down they also contain quercetin a powerful antioxidant that may help to prevent type 2 diabetes and protect against asthma with so many different kinds of apples available how do you know which one to get as you can see here they’re soft but they haven’t broken down they’re not mushy any Apple is a good one but among the healthiest are Fuji red delicious Honeycrisp and Granny Smith how do we like them apples.


if you look at blueberries close up you’ll see they aren’t actually blue rather they’re a dark shade of purple what is happening whoa that Mary this is due to their anthocyanin content a pigment with antioxidant and cancer and virus fighting properties and that’s all when it comes to blueberries they are also a Heart Smart sweet treat that helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol down research also shows its potential in aiding cognitive stability you could see improvements in multitasking flexible thinking and remembering information after a period of time you can eat blueberries and salads oatmeal smoothies or just as a snack from the palm of your hand it’s hard to feel blue when you’re enjoying blueberries

chicken breast

 Fried Chicken is delicious but it’s not something you should eat all the time fortunately there are other healthier ways to enjoy the great taste of chicken the seasoning mix on the outside of this chicken is loaded with flavor and when you slice into it it’s so incredibly tender and moist just look at all of those juices glistening in the light one of the best cuts is chicken breast which is packed with protein and fairly low in calories and fat if you’re trying to build muscle this protein can really help you with developing strength you can also enjoy minerals like niacin and selenium as well as Vitamin B6 how you prepare the chicken breast is also important we recommend baking it with a little olive oil various herbs and spices and some veggies to accompany it such as a spinach salad you can see that it’s juicy it’s perfectly cooked white all the way through just how Everyone likes it you won’t be crying foul when you make chicken breast.


 need something to season your chicken breast with try Ginger Ginger is an energy boosting Ally great for digestion great for circulation great for just warming up the body getting it going not only can ginger add a great Zing to dishes both sweet and savory it’s also very good for you osteoarthritis patient and saw their pain go down after using Ginger and those with type 2 diabetes saw their blood sugar reduced plus if you’re dealing with an illness such as a cold or a sore throat it can provide relief there are even signs of Ginger helping with nausea experienced during pregnancy as well as chemotherapy although ginger has a strong flavor you can reduce the intensity by cooking it I love Ginger because it’s got so much flavor it’s a little bit spicy a little bit floral and there’s so many different ways you can add it to all of your baked goods grind up some ginger and add it to your next healthy meal 


 it might not give you Popeye’s strength but spinach can still do a lot for you all right Eat Your Spinach no way yes wait with plenty of antioxidants vitamins and minerals there’s so much to appreciate about this leafy green vegetable its benefits can be felt in everyday life with reduced inflammation and improved Vision among the reported perks of eating more spinach it can even help you to recover faster from injury it’s easy to incorporate spinach into your diet that looks perfect you see how much spinach it took for us to get that little amount but I tell you it is definitely worth it sauteed in olive oil and lemon juice and serve it as a side substitute it for lettuce on your sandwiches or mix it with some pasta you can be seeing Green in the best way possible.

sweet potatoes

 we don’t mean to knock white potatoes which are affordable and can be prepared in a variety of ways but sweet potatoes are also low cost and versatile as well as a lot healthier sweet potatoes also come in many varieties so you’ll frequently see an entire rainbow of colors in your Supermarket or Farmers Market rich in fiber these colorful vegetables help with digestion as well as overall gut health ever wonder why sweet potatoes are so Orange it’s due to beta-carotene an antioxidant that your body turns into Vitamin A which reportedly helps with vision and immune system functioning bake a sweet potato for dinner make a hash for breakfast or use them in a bright salad for lunch roasting sweet potatoes is my favorite way to prepare them and putting them in a salad is genius and with these sweets you don’t have to worry about cavities


 we’re not talking about those kinds of mushrooms these edible fungi are packed with protein and other essential nutrients we have got a very mushroomy situation I’m talking this is mushroom lovers pasta you guys mushrooms provide a great dose of potassium fiber magnesium and selenium they can also help keep your immune system strong in fact there’s a group known as medicinal mushrooms that are used for disease treatment and overall Wellness this includes ones like shiitake turkey tail and reishi mushrooms you don’t need to order a pizza to enjoy mushrooms either this little combination right here is look how gorgeous they are can you imagine these mushrooms on top of a burger oh I want that right now they’re great in pasta salads or even as a healthy substitute for a patty in a burger be like Mario and embrace the power of mushrooms


there are multiple varieties of beans available at your local grocery store and they all have Remarkable Health benefits may have some more lima beans please certainly more than that secondly more they’re a great source of protein thanks to their amino acid content beans also have potential cardiovascular and cholesterol lowering benefits they’re also hearty and filling without being too heavy bring together the power of multiple Beans by making a tasty meatless chili foreign or try a modern take on a three bean salad planning a party and want to make some healthy Refreshments remember that hummus is another type of bean dip try some beans for your well-being 


who wouldn’t want to start the day with a breakfast that’s tasty filling and nutritious today we’re kicking off breakfast with heart healthy Quaker Oats good call good call real good call while there are many ways to enjoy oats the most common and convenient has to be oatmeal you can enhance the positive health effects of oatmeal by adding things like blueberries what do oats offer well you might already know that they’re a great source of fiber but did you also know that they have ample amounts of magnesium zinc and protein don’t care for oatmeal you can add oats to smoothies yogurt or even find ways to incorporate them into your dinner recipes while you can’t go wrong with a basic bowl of creamy oatmeal you can also Jazz it up with a variety of sweet and savory flavor combinations to help your body and brain gain with grain use oats 


maybe it’s not the best thing to eat before a date but garlic has a lot going for it in terms of nutrition this pungent plant is touted for its use in fighting ailments like the common cold garlic is like a superfood that prevents almost everything so not only does this taste fantastic it’s just really really good for you potty mine and spear it it may also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as reduce inflammation and it’s hard to think of a Savory recipe that isn’t improved with a little garlic we love to add it to our pasta or mix it in with a stir fry you can also reportedly reap more of its benefits if you eat it raw but no matter how you enjoy your garlic make sure you brush your teeth afterwards

wild salmon

 we specifically mention wild salmon because while you can buy farm-raised salmon wild caught is much more nutritionally beneficial what are you doing only selling the finest Farm Ray salmon in the county that’s all yeah they’re all free range no nuts no cages they can go wherever they want plus we have smoked salmon farmed salmon is raised on a different diet leading to more fat and less calcium and iron wild salmon gives you protein potassium and selenium in great quantities it also gives you omega-3 fatty acids which are a must for any healthy diet these are great for your mental as well as physical health and Research indicates that they may help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease pan searing the salmon like that really seals in the juices so every bite is so juicy and Flaky salmon can be cooked in a variety of ways including grilled on the stove top and baked in the oven there’s nothing fishy about this food.


 another great source of mega-3 fatty acids is avocados these creamy fruits are full of beneficial fats that help keep you healthy and looking good they also have high fiber content and lots of vitamin K which is important for keeping your bones strong you can use avocado in all sorts of ways from as a burger topping to in a salad or avocado toast for breakfast there’s even avocado ice cream if you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat this avocado ice cream is so absolutely delicious it’s super creamy and of course what party is not improved by guacamole when it comes to healthy foods we’ll always advocate for avocados. 


 when you think of healthy foods broccoli might be the first thing that comes to mind part ofthe cruciferous vegetable family and resembling a miniature tree broccoli packs a myriad of nutrition into every bite give that a nice toss and that’s how you make a really quick easy flavorful side dish it has loads of fiber lots of vitamin C for a good immune system and important antioxidants there are many reasons to bring more broccoli into your diet as Research indicates that it can help with pregnancy and cancer prevention broccoli  goes well with all kinds of dishes such as on the side with chicken or salmon or as part of a stir fry the broccoli tastes so good with the roasted lemon and garlic even people who don’t like broccoli will love this recipe we recommend steaming it or for the best results eating it raw to put it simply broccoli rocks.

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