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What are 10 top favorite foods?

I was thinking about what my 10 top favorite foods are a week ago. There are a lot of foods in the world, so choosing 10 was hard. So I decided to write a post about my top 10 favorite foods for me.

From a young age I have loved to eat food and travel to many places.So i had some wonderful foods and somewhere the worst. I am writing this as it comes to my mind So it might not be in order. 

Below are some of my top 10  favorite foods  and I have tested many foods from around the world. Read below to find out if your favorite food made it to the list or you can try my foods on your own and make your own list of foods. 

Beef Steaks

I love to eat beef steaks how my mom makes them. The way my mom made them was she smashed the meat really thin, put in olive oil, onions and peppers and then fry them. I now use olive oil for my health reasons. Beef is healthy for its fatty meat okey and I think people misunderstand the composition of fat that’s in meat.I think people all assume it’s all saturated. It’s not mono which is not true. The only two foods are a hundred percent saturated fat coconut oil and butter. 

Whole Eggs from the Farm

one of my favorite foods for health reasons is whole eggs from the farm ooh good point absolutely love whole eggs I love it when the yolks are really orange with all the good carotenes in it choline and all the phosphatidylcholine all that stuff is good for your brain right? Absolutely.

Now people always ask me when I get the omega-3 eggs at the grocery or house. They’re making three and we do that in my house because we have chickens in my house. what we do is we actually give the chickens leftover like for example I know you guys don’t believe this turning sense giving you know you have the turkey theme left and we take the car cash we drop it on the middle of the chicken coop and it’s clean I mean there’s nothing left on that chicken I’m in that car cast it’s crazy and and then we give in flaxseeds and we give in oats and all that stuff all.

Fried Green Bananas 

Green fry bananas are the bananas that are really really green so they’re not ripe at all. and when you eat this they’re low sugar, very very low sugar but they’re very high in fiber and you can eat this non-stop. You are grateful for your microbiome okay.  deep fry it in avocado oil because I have no taste on it and they’re like chips but they’re very very low in carbohydrates so we pound the hell out of those no this is you take the green banana and you you take that shaver and you shave the green banana and I take those on do fry or avocado or on their chips  they’re low carbohydrate they’re healthy for you actually yeah just by go to the store almost every store now have them so you go buy these green banana okay and you open it up like it you’re gonna peel a banana but then instead of eating it you can’t eat it because it’s pure it’s just no taste to it because there’s no sugars on it and you shave it and take the shape, put it on the frying pan and they are chips.

When i was little my family used to bake bacon in the skillet and then we would take the bacon out and we would cook bananas in the bacon grease okay. That is an awesome idea and the other thing I would do is I would give them salmon eggs and try to think of them as little tiny salmon eggs.  

Organ Meats Delight

all the inside of an animal my mom will cut into pieces deep fry in olive oil with onions, tomatoes and stuff like that. she will prepare a separate sauce of tomato sauce and then she deep-fries all that and you put on the tomato sauce. I made this come to magnificent Stewie’s organs and it was crazy organ meats. I know man it’s a mistake beyond what they think they know. 

though so we’ll toast it on the outside with lots of butter and I tell people you should follow a 90/10 diet that means 90% of time you need stuff  that your body need and 10% of the time you should eat stuff that maybe it’s not considered healthy but you like because you enjoy it absolutely.

Sushi with Salmon and Cream Cheese

I like sushi that has salmon and I like sushi that has cream cheese. I eat sushi by the way. That’s woodsy sushi that’s no real sushi. My little sister goes every time she goes. I have to have cream cheese in it to give me a break. you have to have a life absolutely and grilled cheese sandwiches I love grilled cheese.


Rice is my favorite and mostly Indian biryani. I can talk more. You have to eat it to describe it for yourself.

The Concoction Bowl

mine is something I call the concoction bowl what is that the concoction bowl is cream of rice okay either one and then you put in a little a little bit of Hershey syrup you mix the batter

okay so this is a great pre-workout combination that is pretty good fats and I need to explain this ago people don’t understand. remember that John was talking about bacon so I would have

organic bacon homemade bacon at home I cooked the bacon take the bacon out of this grease on it I will take half a pot of butter and I melt the butter in there so I have this thick thick melted oil thing right and then I will put it a little bit Spanish oh so low because I don’t like too much

I put tomatoes onions and then I have my fat pistachios okay three whole eggs the bacon that I just cooked okay and I might have beef or chicken depending how I feel that day and then I take that melted bacon grease and butter and ooh that is the dressing dude and it is

awesome there’s like 6,000 calories in there oh he’s organic butter actually but I’m telling you try even even you would have a fat salad do this for me take over whatever you want it’s very healthy okay eat everyday good for you okay  

Crispy Apples with Water Nuts 

I go to this Apple place that sells crispy apples. I buy those and they’re much harder than usual but they’re really really sweet. I put water nuts in the butter then put all the apples in there and then I cooked the water out and then the border is say my heart with the Apple on it haha and you put heavy whipping cream on top oh my god delicious delicious.


Donuts right now if you ask me a month from now I might put pancakes over Donuts just depending on the taste.  


I just love them and that’s all folks. Happy wandering wanderer.

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