What is the perfect food pairing with wine?

What is the perfect food pairing with wine?

I was eating dinner with my friend and was thinking about what is the perfect food pairing with wine. Not all the wine goes with all the food. You have to choose and there are a lot of tricks to it. So, I decided to write a helpful post about What is the perfect food pairing with wine?

The perfect food pairing with wine is salty foods go with acidity wine, salty foods go with sweet wine, fat foods go with acidity wine, fat foods go with  tannin in wine, Acidic Foods go with acidity wine, sweet foods go with sweet wine, spicy foods go with sweet wine. 

I know as a beginner you might be thinking what? I had the same question when my great uncle told me that same answer. Below I will tell you about what kind of foods are there and the wine that goes with that. So keep reading.

5 types of food with there wine 

Concerts if you are still here. Many people choose wine that goes with food but I go with food first. Read more.

 salty foods go with acidity/sweet wine

Salty foods are those that have a high concentration of salt, which is primarily sodium chloride. While some amount of salt is necessary for our bodies, excessive consumption of salty foods can lead to health issues, such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease.

Here’s 12 commonly salty foods you might have eaten

  1. Potato chips
  2. Pretzels
  3. Salted nuts 
  4. Bacon
  5. Salted popcorn
  6. Cheese 
  7. Salty crackers 
  8. Cured meats 
  9. Soy sauce
  10. French fries
  11.  burgers
  12. seafood 

I love fried chicken, and if you have eaten them you can tell that they are salty. So here i go with high acid wine or also known as champagne wine. It’s a great pair then bear drink. Give it a try if you are eating salty fried chicken.

If you are not a friend of salty wine you can go with sweet wine. You can go with stinky blue cheese with a glass of Ruby Port. When I am eating a salty pretzel I go with a tawny port. It’s a great appetizer with salt and sweet.

fat foods go with acidity/tannin in wine

Fatty foods are foods that contain a relatively high amount of fats, which are a type of macronutrient essential for the body’s energy, cell growth, and various bodily functions. While fats are necessary for a balanced diet, it’s essential to consume them in moderation as excessive consumption can lead to health problems like obesity and heart disease.

Fatty foods can be categorized into healthy fats and unhealthy fats. Healthy fats include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can benefit heart health and overall well-being. Unhealthy fats include saturated and trans fats, which can be detrimental to health when consumed in excess.

Healthy Fat FoodsUnhealthy Fat Foods
Nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, pistachios)Processed Meats (e.g., bacon, sausages)
Seeds (e.g., chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds)Fried Foods
Olive OilFast Food
Fatty Fish (e.g., salmon, mackerel, sardines)Pastries and Baked Goods
Dark ChocolateMargarine
Coconut and Coconut Oil
Commercially Packaged Snacks
list of some fatty foods

fatty foods go with high acid wine. i like to eat mack and cheese with chanson wine. it makes you take another bite.

fatty foods also like tannin wine. what i am talking about is steak, or hamburgers with california carbone wine. a perfact pairing for your next barbeque.

Acidic Foods go with a Red wine

Acidic foods are those that have a low pH level, meaning they contain higher amounts of acid. These foods can add a tangy or sour taste to dishes and are often used to balance flavors. Here’s a list of some common acidic foods:

  • Citrus fruits: Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and tangerines.
  • Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, etc.
  • Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes and tomato-based products like tomato sauce, salsa, and ketchup.
  • Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries.
  • Pineapple: Fresh pineapple and pineapple juice.
  • Kiwi
  • Mango
  • Sour apples: Granny Smith apples are known for their tartness.
  • Sour cherries
  • Grapes: Certain varieties of grapes, like green grapes, can be acidic.
  • Fermented foods: Sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles.
  • Yogurt: Plain yogurt can be acidic due to the presence of lactic acid.
  • Buttermilk: Acidic milk product.
  • Rhubarb
  • Passion fruit
  • Citrus zest: The outer peel of citrus fruits is also acidic.

I like eat new York pizza with red wine when I am studding from my masters exam. if you love wine you can give it a try.

sweet foods go with sweet wine

Sweet wines are often paired with desserts or sweet foods to create a complementary and harmonious flavor profile. The sweetness of the wine balances the sweetness of the food, enhancing the overall taste experience. Here are some sweet foods that go well with sweet wines:

  1. Fruit-based desserts: Fruit tarts, fruit salads, and pies with sweet wine can create a delightful combination of fruity flavors.
  2. Chocolate desserts: Sweet wines like Port or late-harvest Zinfandel can pair well with rich chocolate cakes, brownies, and truffles.
  3. Cheese and fruit platters: Sweet wines can complement the sweetness of fruits and the creaminess of certain cheeses like blue cheese, Gorgonzola, or Roquefort.
  4. Caramel and toffee desserts: Sweet wines such as Sauternes or Tokaji work well with caramel-flavored desserts and toffee-based treats.
  5. Custards and puddings: Sweet wines like Muscat or Riesling can be a good match for creamy desserts like crème brûlée and rice pudding.
  6. Macarons and meringues: The delicate sweetness of macarons and meringues can be enhanced by pairing them with a sweet sparkling wine like Moscato d’Asti.
  7. Baklava and other nut-based desserts: Sweet wines like Pedro Ximénez Sherry can pair nicely with nutty and honey-flavored desserts.
  8. Sweet pastries: Sweet wines can be paired with various sweet pastries like croissants, Danish pastries, and cinnamon rolls.
  9. Sorbets and ice creams: Sweet wines can be a refreshing match for fruity sorbets and certain ice cream flavors like vanilla or honey.

When pairing sweet foods with sweet wines, it’s essential to consider the intensity of sweetness in both the food and the wine. If the dessert is exceptionally sweet, you may want to choose a wine that is slightly sweeter to avoid it tasting too dry or bitter in comparison. Additionally, personal preferences play a significant role in pairing food and wine, so feel free to experiment and discover your favorite combinations.

spicy foods go with sweet wine. 

Spicy foods and sweet wines can create an exciting and contrasting flavor experience. The sweetness of the wine can help balance and temper the heat from the spicy dishes, providing a harmonious contrast on the palate. Here are some examples of spicy foods that can pair well with sweet wines:

  1. Spicy Asian dishes: Sweet wines like Riesling, Gewürztraminer, or Moscato can be a good match for spicy Asian cuisines such as Thai curries, Indian vindaloo, or Szechuan dishes.
  2. Mexican cuisine: Sweet wines like off-dry Rosé or a fruity Zinfandel can complement the heat of Mexican dishes like enchiladas, tacos, and spicy salsas.
  3. Spicy barbecue dishes: Sweet wines such as late-harvest Chenin Blanc or a slightly sweet Malbec can pair nicely with spicy barbecue sauces and grilled meats.
  4. Spicy glazed dishes: Sweet wines like a late-harvest Viognier or a sweet sparkling wine can enhance the flavors of spicy glazed chicken or pork.
  5. Spicy stir-fries: Sweet wines with a touch of acidity, like a medium-sweet Riesling or a Demi-Sec Champagne, can complement the spiciness of stir-fried dishes.
  6. Spicy seafood dishes: Sweet wines like a lightly sweet Rosé or a Gewürztraminer can pair well with spicy seafood dishes like shrimp in spicy sauce or fish with chili glaze.
  7. Spicy fusion dishes: Sweet wines can also work well with spicy fusion dishes that incorporate a mix of flavors from different cuisines.

When pairing spicy foods with sweet wines, it’s essential to consider the level of spiciness in the dish and the sweetness of the wine. You don’t want the wine to be overly sweet, as it may overpower the dish. Opt for wines that have a balanced sweetness and acidity to create a harmonious pairing. As always, personal preferences play a role, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

and that’s it for the pairing and happy wandering wanderer.

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